Powell River Project

Powell River Project Research Results

The following links list and describe results of research sponsored by Powell Rover Project, and research that was co-sponsored by Powell River Project and other organizations.

Current and Recent Research Areas 

Biomass / Bioenergy Production on Reclaimed Coal Mines

Coal Combustion Products

Mine Reforestation

Soil Weathering; Soil Construction and Development

Restoration of Streams and Hydrology on Mined Landscapes

Total Dissolved Solids in Mine Water Discharges and Streams

Wildlife Habitat

Past Research: Mine Reclamation and Environmental Protection

Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation - Remining

Acid Mine Drainage Impacts

Acid Mine Drainage Remediation

Christmas Trees

Coal Refuse Reclamation

Ecosystem Development

Hollow Fill Impacts

 Livestock Forages and Production

Land Development for Housing and Industry

Mine Planning


Slope Stability - Approximate Original Contour

Stream Restoration – Compensatory Mitigation

Soil Development and Construction


Turfgrass Establishment

Vegetable Production on Reclaimed Mines



Past Research: Other Research Areas

Air Quality

Coal Reserves

Curriculum Development

Economic Development


Quality of Life - Virginia Coalfields

Powell River Project

Wastewater Renovation

Water Resources

Wood Processing Industries